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Earlier this evening, for reasons I now cannot recall, I became obsessed with finding a copy of an audio-book. I rarely listen to audiobooks, but this was an exception - it was a recording of Thumbelina that I had on tape when I was little and listened to every night before going to sleep for months (maybe years). The reading/acting is great, and the music is lovely, and it's just one of those childhood-nostalgia things, you know? So I decided I needed a copy. (If you're curious, it's the Kelly McGillis and Mark Isham version.)

An audiobook created fifteen years ago - you'd think that the publisher would make sure to make it available as widely as possible, right? I mean, it's not like the latest Top 40 song where potential listeners might be willing to use a specific vendor or format to find it, so it'd make sense to put in up for paid download a bunch of places, right?


After an hour of searching, my options came down to:
1. Buying the CD from a third-party seller on Amazon. Unfortunately, this would have meant waiting days for it to be shipped to me, and I was in full instant-gratification mode by this time.
2. Buying a video version from a kids-book website, which was the audio+illustrations. I would have had to pay more for this than the CD, and then figure out how to split the video and audio so as not to burn out my iPod battery even more by 'watching' a 'video' every time I wanted to listen to it.
3. In theory, find a BitTorrent download for it. Unfortunately, ethical implications aside, there are a couple of audio-book versions of Thumbelina and I couldn't tell whether any particular file was the version I wanted. Also, you know how many people are seeding Thumbelina audio-tapes? None, that how many.
4. Get a subscription to Audible and then download it there. This is the option I eventually went with; eh, I'll cancel my subscription in a few days.

And now it's way, way too late and I should have gone to sleep hours ago. I'm off to bed...but I'll listen to Thumbelina first. :)
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