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Guys, I need a project.

I usually suffer a period of post-PortConMaine lethargy. I think most staffers do. We get all pumped up for the con, run around like crazy all weekend making things go well, and then it's over and we collectively go " what?"

I also found an apartment (yay!). It's an efficiency in Portland, near Westbrook, and I really love it. My own kitchen! But I moved into it the week before PCM and am all settled in now (minus theoretical future furniture, like an actual chair), so I am minus another preoccupation that had been looming large in my life.

And then, for those of you who didn't see on Facebook, Jason and I broke up on Sunday night. Which, even aside from being...very distressing...has left me even more at loose ends. You wouldn't think it would make that much difference in my day-to-day schedule, since we hadn't been seeing much of each other lately, but it does.

So all of a sudden, I have tons of after-work free time. The problem is, I tend to work much better with an external goal or structure; I'm not great at self-direction. I try to think of things to do and promptly decide that they are stupid or too much of a bother; instead, I end up sitting around for hours reading back entries of Hyperbole and a Half and carefully not thinking of anything in particular (so as not to start crying).

So anyway, my point was, um...if anyone needs any help with anything, let me know? You will be doing me a favor, I promise.

Also, Eclipse tomorrow. I'm bringing the glitter. :)


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