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Because what's the fun of making a mix without being able to expain what all the songs mean?

Dear Lord, I have managed to write something that is almost 6000 words long and yet will baffle all but maybe a dozen people.

Regarding the stories - I am so, so sorry. I took gigantic liberties with the plot and a bunch of the characters in order to make the story have a clean narrative arc. Also I left A LOT of characters out either because I didn't have a place for them in the story, I wasn't know much about the character, or I couldn't find a good song for them. (Also, I couldn't remember Noah's character's name, so I just called him Noah. Sorry!) (Also-also, notes are at the end.)

Regarding the songs - they tend to relate to a mix of the specific story and the character in general. Some are heavily on one side or the other; for example, 'Body' is obviously very story-driven. Probably the least story-related song is Mehru's, since it's reflecting her inability to move forward from the pain of her past. I obviously have a Lot of Thoughts about the song choices so, uh, feel free to ask about anything you want?

Track List (note that 8tracks only lets you listen to a mix 'in order' once):

  1. Body - Mother Mother

  2. Numb - Marina and the Diamonds

  3. Turn The Page - The Streets

  4. The Horror - RJD2

  5. Invincible - Pat Benetar

  6. Down And Out - Th' Legendary Shack Shakers

  7. Face The Music - Conjure One feat. Tiff Lacey

  8. Pyramid - Two Door Cinema Club

  9. Sacred Beast - Tally Hall

  10. "M" Is For Morphine - The World/Inferno Friendship Society

  11. Killer Queen - Queen

  12. Ulysses - Franz Ferdinand

  13. Born Again Again - Th' Legendary Shack Shakers

  14. Ain't No Room - The Vines

  15. Little Stranger - Owls

  16. Necessary Evil - The Dresden Dolls

  17. The Lady - Tally Hall

Once Upon A Multiverse )


  • ‘The Beginning After The End’ is the title of a song by Stars

  • ‘Young Bold Soldier’ is of course a line from Turn The Page by The Streets

  • While I usually referred to Vana as ‘her’ during the game because it was easier, all shardminds are technically genderless. Therefore I’m using the gender-neutral pronouns ‘zie’ and ‘hir’ for Vana (and all Shardminds).

  • ‘The Ceiling Falls About Me, Ropes Tight Around My Wrist’ is a lyric from a Pinback song BBtone

  • 'Chaos Walking' is the name of a YA sci-fi series by Patrick Hess

  • ‘Good&Evil’ is the name of the Tally Hall album that both Tally Hall songs on this album come from

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1. Leave me a comment saying "interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions of a very intimate and creepily personal nature. Or not so creepy/personal.
3. You WILL update your lj with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

(I will include my answers to Erin's questions once she asks them, but I wanted to be the first to post this ;-)
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Just randomly, I went onto facebook (for the first time in FOREVER) and poked all of my friends who are actually my friends, not just 'facebok friends'. Poke War!!!!!

Oh, it is way too late for me to be up--I'm waking up in six hours and will have to deal with ten hours of cranky customers.

What's everyone up to for Thanksgiving? Did I mention that my sister is going with her boyfriend (yep, she has a boyfriend) to Florida instead of coming home? Yeah.....

Okay, bedtime. Later, all!

P.S. Everyone should read When Spring Comes, [ profile] lacontessa11's awesome Naruto fanfic. You don't have to know anything about Naruto to get it, trust me (I've never seen a single episode and I'm Kris's beta!).
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The subject quote is from Kris, in case you were wondering. It's a long story.

So, either the woman who Kris talked to on the phone was lying or the woman we spoke to at the hotel was lazy, because they wouldn't let up check in early. But it was okay--we just got in line for registration a little earlier than we expected. Kris got glomped by a random sketchy guy while we were in line for the dealers room and they were having some 'light issues' (aka all of the lights in the dealers room randomly shut off about two minutes after they started letting people in so we had to leave while they fixed it) but we did eventually get to buy things. Yay dealer's room! After lunch and checking in we stopped by the first AMV showing but left fairly quickly as we were unimpressed and wanted to go to the 'make your own plushie panel'. I made Chiyo-chan from Azumanga Daioh and Kris made Shido from Getbackers (hers was ADORABLE). We took a short break for reading (me) and paper-editing (Kris) in our room, then headed to the Bleach showing. Next was the fan parodies but Kris and I skipped out to welcome our freshmen and grand-freshmen. There was much hugging and talking, and eventually sleeping.

Saturday was cosplay day! It took me soooo long to get into my Hinoto costume but it did look pretty good. Thanks Kris for helping me so much with the wig! Everyone else looked amazing, and although I was surprised that more people didn't recognize us, it was still fun. Kris and I went to an AMAZING panel called 'Downloading, Fansubbing, The Industry, and You'. I may talk about it more later but right now suffice it to say it was great and I so want the moderator to come to PortConMaine if we can get him. Next was 'Anime 101' with almost everyone which is always a good time. After a quick lunch Kris and I attempted to recreate the reading-and-paperediting but ended up taking naps. Dinner with Erin's parents was followed by watching some of 'Psychic Academy' which is funny although the animation is pretty bad. I wouldn't buy it but it was entertaining. Shannon and I tried the dance but spent more of our time distinguishing the 3 groups (the young innocents, the ravers, and the people having sex on the dance floor) than actually dancing.

Today we went to the Anime Club Summit, which was pretty ambitiously named considering that approximately 8 people came (4 of those being from Colgate) but was still interesting. We said goodbye to everyone else and made one last dealers room run, then headed out.

And the inevitable list:Stuff List )

Now we're back at Kris's apartment, where we'll spend one last night being geeky before heading back to the 'real world'. *sigh* Well, it was fun while it lasted. Nekocon was fun

That's all I have to write about....later, all!
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I just had a conversation with my mother about some of the assumptions people can and do make about each other. More specifically, I mentioned to her an assumption that some people have made about me. When she realized that I had not disabused said people had made about me, she told me that I was hiding. Which is true, of course. I am a total wimp; I have a strong inclination towards avoiding conflict, except online with people that I don't know.

Nonetheless, I suppose that the time has come to set some people straight about me. On the other hand, I'm still I wimp. So I'll do it behind a LJ cut and encourage people not to read it, because it may make things pretty awkward. So, I'd prefer it if none of my friends actually read this (yes, I'm being irrational, but it's my LJ, so I'm allowed;)

Except for Regan. She already knows everything I'm about to write--can't keep anything from your roomie, after all...

Read at your own risk )

Like I said, no one needs to read that.

In other news--going to OOB tomorrow (Monday)! I've never been; it should be really fun.

Don't have much else to write about, and in any case I'm too nervous to write more. Later, all!

P.S. Since this is technically Monday...26 DAYS!!!


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