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What type of Fae are you?

How can a silly online quiz be so strangely accurate?

The subject heading, if anyone was wondering, is from one of the earlier albums from the Dandy Warhols. Very....different than their later stuff. I've actually been listening to a lot of new music; apparently Sarah Lawrence kids listen to tons of lesser-known bands and so I doubled my playlist by grabbing a bunch of stuff from Erica's computer. That's right, doubled.

Speaking of Erica, let me go through her visit home really briefly.

•I went to Boston to pick her up and drove in circles around Boston for, I'm not kidding, two and a half hours, first because the directions I got online were outdated so the exit number they told me to take no longer existed, and then because the entrance to the bus station's parking garage ramp was about half a mile from the actual bus station, and in fact from the garage as well, so it took me a long time to find it. Then I waited at the door where Erica's bus would be coming...and waited....and waited...while Erica had gotten there about 15 minutes before I parked and promptly went down to the street figuring I would just wait outside the main doors for her. We both waited for another hour, until Erica borrowed some random kid's phone and called me to ask where I was.

•On St. Patrick's Day I went with Erica to her friend Katie's apartment at University of Maine at Farmington, where we proceeded to wander around in search of an actual party. We found one, but it was really annoying and around the time I started feeling a temptation to slap one girl who had made out with five people in the span of twenty minutes, we left. We still had fun, though, and I got to try an Irish Car Bomb (except it was girly-style, without the whiskey).

•At various times of the week, Erica and I both got sick. As in, throwing-up sick. Has anyone ever gotten an eye hemorrhage from throwing up before? I had a blood blot on the inner corner of my eye for more than a week. Very strange.

•Speaking of eyes, Erica will officially be spending the summer working for a local optometrist. (Unless she goes to Turkey. Long story.) No, she's not interested in optometry. The doctor just really likes Italy, sponsored her trip to Italy, and now thinks of her whenever he has a job opportunity, apparently.

•At one point during her break, Erica was making us falafel. Falafel is actually fried, so she was heating up some oil, and the oil caught fire. She tried to pick it up (also what she was planning on doing with it, I don't know), but it burned her hand a bit, so she dropped it onto our (varnished, hardwood) floor. Mom grabbed a potholder and threw it outside, and managed to put out the fire from there. The pot is completely blackened, and there's a charred circle on our kitchen floor, but luckily no one was seriously hurt.

Two days later Mom emptied an ash tray with a still-burning cigarette into the (plastic) trash can in her room. By the time I noticed the smoke it had burned a hole through the bottom of the trash can and left a mark on the floor. No injuries at all this time, but all of Mom's clothes smell like burning plastic now.

Ah, good times. (hah)

I don't have work tomorrow, which is bad for my paycheck but GOOD for my sanity. So tired....maybe I'll go to bed early. Later, all!


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