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It feels like I haven't updated in forever, but it's actually only been a few days. Of course, a few days *is* forever when it comes to, whatever.

Things are going pretty well here, I guess. Both my and Erica's cars are having problems, but neither of us work on the weekends so hopefully we can get everything straightened out on Saturday. Work's fun, if stressful, now that we're actually taking calls instead of watching PowerPoint presentations six hours a day--even though I have to get up at 6 AM. *groan* I've been getting mostly good calls--some of my coworkers have gotten some crazy ones though (a woman yesterday told the rep talking to her that she wanted Dell to track her stolen computer, and when he said they couldn't do that without special antitheft software. she responded that she knew that Dell had been reading her thoughts since she bought the computer so they could damn well track her computer...yeah). Tried to compare stories with Brandon but I'm hampered because Dells aren't known for their aphrodesiac qualities ;-) Like I said, most of my calls have been great except for one )

On a lighter though still computer-related note...just as I was reading Ctrl+Alt+Del's storyline about Ethan becoming a 'Mac Panther' (hehehe), I read this story on Yeah Apple! I swear I'll get an iPod...eventually...

Meh, so tired...I'm gonna read a bit and then go to bed (I know it's strange to hear of me going to bed before midnight, but it's unavoidable--I start at 8 AM at least through next week). Later, all!


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