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Read this story. Even if you have never seen Naruto, or don't like it. Even if you've never seen anime. It really is good--and [ profile] lacontessa11 wrote it! (And I edited it, but that's beside the point).

Go read!
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Hey, anyone who was thinking about going to PCM, keep in mind that preregistration ends in about two weeks (May 1). So, if you think you're going to go, go prereg!

Still writing...*sigh* Later, all!
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In honor of the description of our panel finally being written, finished, and posted....I think a bit of promotion is in order.


And when you come, come to the panel on Running an Anime Club. 4-6 PM Friday, in panel room 2 (there's the hotel name for the room too but I don't remember it). Also go to Kris's Japanese panel (9 on Sunday, right?)

But first, come to PCM.

(Note: People who are on my friend's list becuase I found your LJ name on the 'do you have Livejournal?' threat on the PCM forums, can obviously disregard this, except the part about the panels. EVERYONE should come to the panels ^.^)
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Regan's LJ looks awesome, but if you don't have the time or energy to fight with your LJ for hours, you could always join....

I have little to do with this community besides looking at the pretty pretty layouts, but I encourage people to join! Just read the rules before requesting a layout.

*pokes LJ layout* I kind of wanted to make some changes, but the changes I was thinking about requred actual CSS knowledge, which makes me curl up in a ball and whimper. Ah well...
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Just randomly, I went onto facebook (for the first time in FOREVER) and poked all of my friends who are actually my friends, not just 'facebok friends'. Poke War!!!!!

Oh, it is way too late for me to be up--I'm waking up in six hours and will have to deal with ten hours of cranky customers.

What's everyone up to for Thanksgiving? Did I mention that my sister is going with her boyfriend (yep, she has a boyfriend) to Florida instead of coming home? Yeah.....

Okay, bedtime. Later, all!

P.S. Everyone should read When Spring Comes, [ profile] lacontessa11's awesome Naruto fanfic. You don't have to know anything about Naruto to get it, trust me (I've never seen a single episode and I'm Kris's beta!).


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