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Okay, my mom says that I'm getting a little obsessive with this essay, but....on Kris's advice, I reworked the intro, and one more time, I'm looking for feedback from all of you wonderful people. It's only a paragraph this time instead of seven pages....anyway, see what you think.

I really hate writing introductions, but.... )

In any case, I'm just happy because it is edited and, barring any comments from you guys, DONE! And will be mailed in on Monday after I get my manager to sign her recommendation for me (my second recommendation will be sent in later, when my case manager actually writes it, because my 'reapplication' is later than I wanted already.

My life continues to be boring otherwise. Ah, central Maine... (except my mom's birthday was Wednesday. Happy birthday, Mom, even though you don't read my LJ!) I'm off to do....something. Later, all!
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I will post the highlights of my sister's visit home at some point, but I just felt like sharing something I found a while ago and which applies all too much to me.

"Procrastination is a complex problem affecting many perfectionists. The fear of being imperfect and the dread of not living up to one's own and others expectations can cause overwhelming feelings leading to profound procrastination. Putting it off until the absolute last second is a painful avoidance tactic employed by perfectionists.

Related to the procrastination of the perfectionist is the fear-of- failure syndrome. Apathy can result from perfectionism when a person knows he or she will never measure up one hundred percent. It may be better to delay taking action or take no action at all than to risk failure. Further related to the fear-of-failure syndrome is paralysed perfectionism. According to Adderholt-Elliot (1989 p. 20) paralysed perfectionists are so afraid of being wrong that instead of taking chances, they resort to complete inertia. They may also have problems with decision making, searching for the one perfect solution to a situation rather than choosing from a variety "less perfect" possibilities."

I always called it being a 'frustrated perfectionist' instead of a 'paralyzed perfectionist' but it's the same thing.


Anyway, just wanted to share :-) Now I'm heading to bed. Later, all!


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