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*groans* I have to 'get up' in less than three hours to get ready and leave for PortConMaine (which I'm so excited about!) and I haven't even finished packing yet...craziness. But, it's going to be fun!

Have no energy to talk about my day. Short story: training was interesting, a little crazy with the huge number of acronyms and codes and such, but kind of cool. Came home to find out that while the house was empty this afternoon (Mom went out and Erica and I were at work) Ray had come over, come in through the (accidentally unlocked) back door, and proceeded to do mow a random path through the tall grass behind our house, try to fly a kite (it's still on our porch), bring in my laundry that was line drying outside, and set a live frog loose in our living room. I mean, it's Ray so it's pretty harmless (it's not like he's going to attack us or do anything *bad*) but it's just kind of creepy that he was wandering around in our house when we weren't there.....anyway, he called after Mom got home and she yelled at him a bit.

My life is so crazy...

But, positive thoughts! Just to remind y'all where I'll be this weekend (although I will try to update if the hotel rooms actually have internet access):

Image hosted by

Must go finish packing and perhaps get a couple of hours of sleep....later, all!
amatyultare: (Default) sister's graduation was today. Two hours in a really hot gym, ugh. Erica's speech (she was salutatorian) was the best, IMHO--interesting and no cliches! Dad was there but didn't talk to Erica--she found out later that he was apparently angry that she thanked Mom and me in her speech, but didn't mention him. *rolls eyes*

Speaking of crazy guys, Mom has decided that she's never speaking to Ray again. After getting her car stuck in the mud and everything, he disappeared for all of today (inconsiderate in itself because they had previously arranged that she would pick him up and bring him to graduation, but he either wasn't there or wasn't answering the door when she went to get him!) and then reappeared around 7:30 to declare that it was too late to do anything and 'maybe they could get it out tomorrow, but it wasn't a big deal'. Well, (a) Mom has to go to work tomorrow, so it *is* as big deal, (b) she didn't want it hanging around in some random field two towns over for days, and (c) it's supposed to rain more tonight, which would make it more difficult to get the car onto solid dry ground. Basically, Ray made it perfectly clear that he wasn't going to help get the car out (after getting it stuck in the first place!), so Mom got ahold of a friend who owns a truck and between the three of us, we got it out. But holy crap, Mom was mad--I haven't seen her this agitated since she divorced Dad.

That's all of the drama in my life--just looking for jobs (I'm really getting sick of filling out application, and I've handed out dozens of copies of my resume) and hanging around. I'm actually getting bored; there's so little to do around here! And it's supposed to rain most of this week, too. *pout* Ah well, I'll survive.

I think it's time for bed...later, all!

P.S. Hey Kris, there's a PGSM LJ community! [ profile] pgsmlove
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Grr. Or, as Brandon would say, gao.

Today was pretty normal--I applied for a few jobs online, read a bit (Seven Years in Tibet--so interesting!), etc. Erica was away at various graduation parties (she's graduating tomorrow! It's so crazy!) and Mom spent most of the day with Ray.

But then, after dinner, Mom convinced me to go with her and Ray. First we went out for ice cream, but then Ray decided to drive Mom's SUV out through the back roads to 'show us nature' i.e. cool bird and frog calls. From back paved roads, to back dirt roads, to driving across the field...and then he got it stuck in a marshy spot. We tried to push it out (Ray driving, of course), but it didn't work--and poor Mom got half-covered in mud in the process! Ray had forgotten to bring his cell phone, so he had to walk about a mile to a farmhouse to get help, while Mom and I stayed in the car (being eaten alive by bugs, because Ray decided to talk to us for ten minutes from outside the car with the door open). The nice farmer came and got us; apparently it was too dark and wet to try pulling Mom's car out, so he drove us home and Ray is saying he'll use his AAA membership to get help tomorrow.

I know that I should probably look on this as an adventure, an experience, blah blah blah, but I'm really not in the mood. I'm all itchy from bugbites and my poor sneakers are completely soaked with mud from pushing. Plus, Mom has to get up really early tomorrow so she can get to her school and help set up chairs for their graduation, and we didn't get home until after 11. Oh, and did I mention this is apparently the second time this week that he's gotten her car stuck? (I didn't know about the first time until tonight--apparently Mom was able to push it out last time.)

I really don't understand why she still hangs out with this guy...

Anyway, I'm probably going to head to bed soon. Later, all!
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I just had to share the latest Ray insanity. Apparently while we were away, he not only semi-trashed our house, he set fire to our backyard.

You see, apparently one afternoon Ray decided that he was tired of the lousy grass growth in our backyard, and figured the best way to encourage new growth was to burn the yard (reasonable in itself, actually). However, instead of contacting the fire department, getting a fire permit, taking any precautions, etc, he just went ahead and started a fire (I suspect he was fairly drunk at the time--there are 8 empty 12-packs in our house right now, so he must have been drunk most of the week). When the fire got out of control, he called the fire department, who also brought along the cops. The cops gave him a ticket for 'failing to set a fire with prudent precautions' and are summonsing him to court!

My home life keeps getting crazier and crazier. On the bright side, I have a job interview at Aeropostale!

Later, all! I'll be on AIM for a while if you wanna talk.
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To do tonight/this morning:

Finish costume (hem collar)
Take a shower
Burn CDs

Tomorrow (later today) I'll be at Colgate! With all of you cool people!

By the way, I remembered that I'm keeping my crazy tee-shirt a semi-secret, and two semi-secrets in one con is one semi-secret too many. Plus, apparently people have the idea that I'm cosplaying as Hinoto...which I'd love to do sometime, but if you think anyone short of a professional seamstress/tailor could make a Hinoto costume in a week, you are, no offense, certifiably insane. So--I'm cosplaying as Fenryl, Princess of Disaster, from Pretear *points to icon*. My hair won't be right, since hers is floorlength, and I won't have green eyes (unless I can find cheap green contacts) but the dress will look really nice!

Ray keeps calling our house. As in, he calls until the answering machine picks up (we've stopped answering it), he hangs up, and then calls back 10 minutes later. Around 9:30 Erica came to my door calling out "Quick, Ana! Go online before he calls back again!"

Now I must continue hemming. It's almost done! And I will see you guys very soon!

P.S. Not to whine or anything, but I will be completely unsurprised if my fingers are bruised tomorrow.
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That romance quiz )

For the past couple of days, I've gone to sleep ridiculously early and gotten up before 6 AM. So very strange...

'The Summer Tree' came yesterday, so I can start rereading the Fionavar Tapestry! I'd forgotten how good it is...I should try to find more books by Guy Gavriel Kay.

My life is ridiculously boring...I've been mostly reading, filling out job applications, and thinking about I-Con. Can't wait to see you guys!

The college and Ray drama continue...what, you thought drama only happened at Colgate? )

Alright, that's enough complaining for now. And yes, feel free to bypass my whining if you wish.

More Fionavar Tapestry now. Later, all!

P.S. Bonnie, I've stolen your icon, as you can see. It's just so pretty!


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