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Gah. I have a slight conundrum.

1. I REALLY want to get this paper done tonight.
2. I REALLY don't want to write it.

Basically, I want to get it done tonight because....then I can study tomorrow for my final on Wednesday (yes, it's early). Also because dress rehearsals for Nutcracker start Wednesday night, and we may be doing tech work tomorrow night. If it's done tonight, I can study tomorrow, take my test Wednesday and run over to Nutcracker, EDIT the thing sometime on Thursday, and hand it in on Friday before Nutcracker goes up. (Along with my biology lab, but that's already done and can be edited anytime).

Why do I not want to write it? Mostly because I'm tired of it, I think. I have basically been eating and breathing Sino-American relations between 1969 and 1972 for the past two weeks and I don't want to have to put two coherent thoughts together about the topic anymore, let alone write them down.

I guess my standards have changed...I feel frustrated because I'm not far enough on this paper, but I already have ten of 15 pages written. Let me rephrase that--I have six pages completely written and four pages that are very roughly written and need to be fleshed out.

And yes, I know I am whining. And I know that procrastinating by posting on LJ to whine is not actually helping the situation at all.

It snowed here--really snowed, and stuck. Yay!

Dancefest went well, as did Brandon's (and Rachael's!) concert. Congratulations all around!

I'm now really, officially an IR major. Major yay! I ended up just going to Chernoff and saying "look, I haven't been able to take a SINGLE IR class from anyone except a visiting professor, and you're head of the department, so just be my advisor, alright!?"

....okay, this is getting ridiculous. I'm keeping myself awake because I feel bad going to bed without my paper done....but I'm not actually writing my paper. Bed for me; I'll finish the thing tomorrow. Studying for the American Foreign Policy exam can be what I do when I take a break from writing, or something. (The exam is open book too, which makes it easier).

Okay, that's decided. Later, all!


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