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First, yay for getting money from the BAC! For buying anime! I'm a bit proud of myself for having it go all successfully, although to be honest it wasn't a tough sell. We're buying it and then donating it to the library. We are so community-oriented it's awesome. It was actually funny because at the last minute I was freaking out that they would be asking if I knew the procedure for donating to the library or random things like that, but basically the only questions were about Anime Society's attendance. I said it was not huge, but we would be focusing more on advertising next year (I definitely dropped the ball on that one this semester--this is a lesson to me to AVOID THEATER if I want to get ANYTHING ELSE DONE. Not that this lesson has sunk in. Did I mention I'm now the activities director for Student Musical Theatre? Moving on....)

Random note: library now open 24/7. People are psyched. All of the empty bookshelves are still depressing, but it honestly doesn't feel that different from the old library--which is a good thing in my mind. But after watching this video, I do miss the old Case. But yeah, that video? Priceless.

Now, a small rant. Because you're just all dying to know my opinion on random matters )

Um. That ended up REALLY long. And probably really boring. And did I really just spend an hour and a half writing that, which I could have used to work on my paper? Gah. So, um, yeah, that's it. Must do work (at least my Chinese is done.) Later, all!
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I will post the highlights of my sister's visit home at some point, but I just felt like sharing something I found a while ago and which applies all too much to me.

"Procrastination is a complex problem affecting many perfectionists. The fear of being imperfect and the dread of not living up to one's own and others expectations can cause overwhelming feelings leading to profound procrastination. Putting it off until the absolute last second is a painful avoidance tactic employed by perfectionists.

Related to the procrastination of the perfectionist is the fear-of- failure syndrome. Apathy can result from perfectionism when a person knows he or she will never measure up one hundred percent. It may be better to delay taking action or take no action at all than to risk failure. Further related to the fear-of-failure syndrome is paralysed perfectionism. According to Adderholt-Elliot (1989 p. 20) paralysed perfectionists are so afraid of being wrong that instead of taking chances, they resort to complete inertia. They may also have problems with decision making, searching for the one perfect solution to a situation rather than choosing from a variety "less perfect" possibilities."

I always called it being a 'frustrated perfectionist' instead of a 'paralyzed perfectionist' but it's the same thing.


Anyway, just wanted to share :-) Now I'm heading to bed. Later, all!
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I truly am the only person I know (I think?) who can procrastinate on going to bed. What should I be doing this very second? Sleeping. What have I been doing? Making my first ever computer wallpaper. I mean, I love Photoshop and all but this is a little silly.

And no, I'm not going to post it for right now. One, it's not good at all. Two, it's a picture from Full Moon o Sagashite and is kind of spoilery....anyway, just wanted to post about how I'm silly. Now, bed!

Later, all!


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