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Really intensive room cleaning of the summer: done. I cleaned out my closet, got rid of everything that I would never use again (quite a bit of stuff, everyone in my family is a packrat), and then used the space for things that I use at 'gate but not at home (extra dishes, etc). Also,every year I add a few new conveniences; this year it is one of those hanging shoe organizers. I don't have that many shoes, but enough that it gets really inconvenient when they just 'float', and there isn't room on the closet floor because that's where I stick the laundry hamper. Woot! Say what you will about Wal-mart, but you can find pretty much anything there.

Speaking of things you find at Wal-mart--months after being inspired by Lindsey L's cell phone rhinestone-ness, I found stick-on rhinestones myself. Not that I went with classic black as she did, oh no. Most of a 300-pack of pink and silver rhinestones+incredibly pink and silver cell phone strap=possibly the most obnoxiously girly cell phone ever. It is so tacky that I am filled with glee every time I look at it.

Res Life continues to be, well, kind of hugely annoying. ranting ahead... )

Anyway. Um, Mom has officially made our front lawn (well, our whole property) a National Wildlife Habitat. Apparently you just to the National Wildlife Federation's website, verify that your property provides animals with food, water, shelter, etc. and pay a fee, and you're a habitat! We have an official looking sign, although Mom's not sure where to post it. Basically this is all about Mom excusing the fact that we don't mow the 'front lawn' aka field anymore (although to be fair, I've done it and mowing 2+ acres of bumpy ground is a gigantic pain). Honestly, though, it looks very pretty with all of the wildflowers and so forth. And we certainly have a ton of birds, not to mention the most fireflies I've ever seen in my life in one place. So I guess I approve ^_^

I started this post talking about my room-cleaning and -organizing spree, and looking around I just realized that I probably need another shelf for my books. The only problem is, I've basically run out of places for shelves. Hmm. Mom says we just need a bigger house; I kind of agree. She's trying to organize the basement, actually, but it is driving her up the wall.

Okay, this post is already really long, but I had one more thing that I wanted to mention. Mercedes Lackey's new book, 'Fortune's Fool'. It's part of her Five Hundred Kingdoms...series? Actually, I know this is going to veer somewhat into a discussion of Mercedes Lackey in general, so let's go with another LJ cut. )

Yep, knew that was going to be long. Anyway, maybe bedtime? Later, all!

P.S. New icon! I am not actually angsty and this is an angsty icon, but I like it. MeruPuri love!


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