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After not posting for almost a month, I have LJ post backlog - a ton of ideas that I want to write about and no energy to do so. Topics I want to discuss: the progression of office drama at work, how badly written my company's mission statement and core values are (seriously, they make me want to scream every time I see them), some books I've recently read, some movies I've recently seen. The probability that I will end up writing about any of these things? Who knows.

Instead, I want to tell a story that most of my P-town friends have heard, but my friends outside of the P-town area have not, yet.

Last Wednesday, I came home from RP night to find an envelope with my name on it on the kitchen table. I opened it up to find two pieces of paper. The first was a formal notice to vacate the premises by July 1. So of course I'm all flailing around "What did I do! I didn't do anything wrong! I pay my rent on time! I'm a good tenant!" and then I look at the second piece of paper. It's a letter from my landlord to all of the tenants saying we're great, he can give us good references, etc, but he's had some financial difficulties and is declaring backruptcy (!) and is selling the house (!!) and the new owner needs us out. (I'm guessing whoever's buying it is planning on just living in it as opposed to renting the rooms.)

Let me say that this is not in any way a disaster; I had already been thinking about the possibility of moving out and had started saving money. I wasn't expecting to do it so soon, but it's not going to be impossible for me. My sister would probably posit that this is actually the universe's way of getting me to move - I tend to be very cautious about life changes so who knows when I'd actually move on my own? (On the other hand, what kind of universe would make my landlord go through bankruptcy just so I'd move? So I am suspicious of this idea.)

So, I am now apartment hunting. Which involves me taking initiative and calling people I don't know, to set up appointments to evaluate/critique/possibly semi-haggle regarding available living spaces. Those of you who know me can imagine how easily I am taking to these tasks (ha ha). So many calls to make! And decisions! Should I rent an apartment on my own? Get a roommate? (Cheaper by far, but I am so tired of living with other people, you don't even know.) Get an efficiency, which is sort of like having a roommate inasmuch as I would only have a single room to call mine? Hmm.

And of course, because I am silly, I rediscovered Apartment Therapy and have spent a ridiculous amount of time drooling over design ideas that I could never actually pull off, but that look so amazing and fun. Apparently I have a frustrated inner interior decorator? Except I'd be terrible at interior design as I have no color or color-blocking sense. Sigh.

Wow, it's...later than I realized. Bedtime!

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Date: 2010-05-06 03:42 am (UTC)
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Wow, that must have been... shocking. Good luck with the apartment hunt!


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