Jan. 31st, 2014

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Because what's the fun of making a mix without being able to expain what all the songs mean?

Dear Lord, I have managed to write something that is almost 6000 words long and yet will baffle all but maybe a dozen people.

Regarding the stories - I am so, so sorry. I took gigantic liberties with the plot and a bunch of the characters in order to make the story have a clean narrative arc. Also I left A LOT of characters out either because I didn't have a place for them in the story, I wasn't know much about the character, or I couldn't find a good song for them. (Also, I couldn't remember Noah's character's name, so I just called him Noah. Sorry!) (Also-also, notes are at the end.)

Regarding the songs - they tend to relate to a mix of the specific story and the character in general. Some are heavily on one side or the other; for example, 'Body' is obviously very story-driven. Probably the least story-related song is Mehru's, since it's reflecting her inability to move forward from the pain of her past. I obviously have a Lot of Thoughts about the song choices so, uh, feel free to ask about anything you want?

Track List (note that 8tracks only lets you listen to a mix 'in order' once):

  1. Body - Mother Mother

  2. Numb - Marina and the Diamonds

  3. Turn The Page - The Streets

  4. The Horror - RJD2

  5. Invincible - Pat Benetar

  6. Down And Out - Th' Legendary Shack Shakers

  7. Face The Music - Conjure One feat. Tiff Lacey

  8. Pyramid - Two Door Cinema Club

  9. Sacred Beast - Tally Hall

  10. "M" Is For Morphine - The World/Inferno Friendship Society

  11. Killer Queen - Queen

  12. Ulysses - Franz Ferdinand

  13. Born Again Again - Th' Legendary Shack Shakers

  14. Ain't No Room - The Vines

  15. Little Stranger - Owls

  16. Necessary Evil - The Dresden Dolls

  17. The Lady - Tally Hall

Once Upon A Multiverse )


  • ‘The Beginning After The End’ is the title of a song by Stars

  • ‘Young Bold Soldier’ is of course a line from Turn The Page by The Streets

  • While I usually referred to Vana as ‘her’ during the game because it was easier, all shardminds are technically genderless. Therefore I’m using the gender-neutral pronouns ‘zie’ and ‘hir’ for Vana (and all Shardminds).

  • ‘The Ceiling Falls About Me, Ropes Tight Around My Wrist’ is a lyric from a Pinback song BBtone

  • 'Chaos Walking' is the name of a YA sci-fi series by Patrick Hess

  • ‘Good&Evil’ is the name of the Tally Hall album that both Tally Hall songs on this album come from


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